My Food Journey Part III

My Food Journey Part III

These past two blogs have been all about me and my struggles when it comes to eating healthy. (Click here if you need to catch up *Part I* *Part II*)

So, what was a girl to do in order to fix all this? My doctor (Dr. Gina Sirchio-Lotus)gave me some new supplements to add into my diet. These helped by killing the bad bacteria and reintroducing the good bacteria that I needed. I kept track of the way my body reacted to the new supplements and reported back to my doctor. I remember there being an awful die-off period, which my doctor had prepared me for. During this, I felt extremely lethargic and often had night sweats among other side effects. However, I persisted, trusting it would help me in the end.


After I had been on this protocol for a few months, we began dissecting more of what I ate. From what I told her about my past reactions, my doctor concluded that I might have a histamine reaction in my gut. She explained that in an outside histamine reaction, your eyes water, your nose runs, or you sneeze, attempting to flush the irritant out of your body. The same can occur in your gut: fluid will be pushed to your gut and can cause extreme bloating. The result of this was the “Buddha belly” of my college days. My doctors advice: avoid all foods high in histamine. I began cutting out avocados, eggs, spinach, tomatoes, cashews, and more. Slowly, I felt a bit better. I could feel energy coming back. My bloating reduced and the underlying hives finally disappeared. However, the struggle to replace all my usual staple foods has been a HUGE STRUGGLE.

Currently, we are in the process of reintroduction. Little by little, I will begin eating one serving of one food on my list and record how my body reacts. After three days of one serving, I will quit eating the food, once again keeping track of any reactions. Our goal is to see if my body simply doesn’t like a specific food on my list or if I have a limit to the amount of histamine foods I can digest. This process will take time and patience. While I’m glad that I am finally beginning to find answers to my food struggles, I know this isn’t the end. Eventually, I will complete more testing to learn even more about my body and how to care for it in the best possible way. For now, though, I will be focussing on the food I am reintroducing and my body’s reaction to it.

Below are some pictures of foods and meals that used to be in my regular rotation. These meals are healthy and delicious so it's crazy to think they have been contributing to my digestive issues.