Travel and Stay on Track

Travel and Stay on Track

The end of the year is approaching and that means holiday overindulgence, entertaining, year-end quotas and of course, travel. Commit to keeping fitness in your routine with a few staple items in your suitcase. Packing a Jump Rope, Resistance Band & Nylon Door Anchor takes up minimal room and will keep you prepared when your hotel gym is subpar! If your hotel gym has equipment - BONUS. You can add weights to the exercises below and/or substitute dumbbells for some of the band exercises. The workout below is a full-body workout that will get your heart pumping. You can crank up the intensity of you are advanced or use this as a beginner routine to kickstart your fitness journey.

Complete the exercises below, allowing one minute for each exercise and quickly move to the next exercise without any rest. After 1 round, rest for 2 minutes and then repeat. Short on time and feeling advanced? Try for 3 rounds and no rest between the rounds - BEAST MODE. Less than 40 minutes of work and you're done!   

Warm Up
- 3 min. Jump Rope in 1 min. intervals

Main Set
- 10 Reverse Lunges
- 10 Neutral Grip Band Rows
- 10 Push Ups
- 1 min. Jump Rope
- 10 Lateral Lunges
- 10 Band Shoulder Presses
- 10 Band Bicep Curls
- 10 Band Tricep Extensions
- 1 min. Jump Rope

Repeat 2-4x and you're done!